Americanos e europeus, recebemos em 13 de dezembro. Encomendas e reservas, por favor, apenas pelo

Accept - Metal Heart
Airbourne - Breakin Outta Hell
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Alter Bridge - Blackbird
Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
Amaranthe - Maximalism
Anathema - A Sort of Homecoming (CD/DVD)
Anathema - Universal
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Anthrax - Spreading the Disease
Autopsy - Shitfun
Babymetal - Babymetal
Babymetal - Metal Resistance
Bad Company - Live in Concert 1974-1979 (2CD)
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Super Deluxe 4CD/Book Edition)
Black Stone Cherry - Kentucky
Blackberry Smoke - Holding All the Roses
Blackfoot - Southern Native
Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin
Bruce Dickinson - Balls to Picasso
Bruce Dickinson - Toattooed Millionaire
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Charred Walls of The Damned - Creatures Watching Over The Dead
Coroner - Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (3DVD/CD)
Crobot - Welcome to the Fat City
Danger Danger - Danger Danger
Danzig - Danzig
Danzig - Danzig II: Lucifuge
Danzig - Danzig III: How the Gods Killl
Dario Mollo’s Crossbones – Rock The Cradle
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (Limited Digipak Edition)
Deep Purple - Graz 1975
DRI - But Wait... Theres More
Excel - The Joke's On You
Frank Zappa - Overnight Sensation
Freedom Call - Master of the Light
G.B.H - City Baby Attacked By Rats
G.B.H - City Baby Revenge
Grand Funk Railroad - Shinin On
Grim Reaper - Walking in The Shadows
Gruesome - Dimensions of Horror
Helstar - Vampiro
Insomnium - One for Sorrow
Insomnium - Shadows of the Dying Sun
Insomnium - The Candlelight Years (BOX)
Insomnium - Winters Gate
Journey - Evolution
Journey - Look Into The Future
Journey - Raised on Radio
Journey - Trial By Fire
Judas Priest - Live Vengeance ´82 (DVD)
Kiss - Aninalize
Kiss - Lick it Up
Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake
Lamb of God - Killadelphia (CD)
Lamb of God - Sacrament
Lamb of God - The Duke (EP)
Lamb of God - Wrath
Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions (Delluxe 3CD Edition)
Leprous - Live At Rockefeller Music Hall
Metallica - Kill'Em All (Paper Sleeve)
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock - On a Mission: Live in Madrid (BLU-RAY)
Motörhead - Hammered
Motorhead - Motorhead
Motorhead - Snake Bite Love
Motorhead - The World is Yours
Opeth - Pale Communion (Deluxe Digipak Edition)
Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest for the Wicked
Pathfinder - Beyond the Space Beyond the Time
Pink Floyd - Pulse (2CD)
Porcupine Tree - Anesthetise (2CD/DVD)
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Powerwolf - Blood of the Saints
Primordial - Gods To The Godless
Quiet Riot - Metal Health
Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape
Rainbow - Boston 1981
Raz Band - Madison Park
Rolling Stones, The - Blue & Lonesome (Super Deluxe Edition)
Sahg - III
Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power (BLU-RAY/CD)
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism
Scorpions - World Wide Live: 50th Anniversary
Sepultura - Roorback/Revolusongs
Sepultura - Roots
Sisters of Mercy - Foodland
Six Feet Under - Crypt of the Devil
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind
Slayer - Divine Intervention
Steel Panther - British Invarion (2BLU-RAY)
Steve Vai - Modern Primitive / Passion and Warfare
Suicidal Angels - Division of Blood (CD/DVD)
Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance Live!
Twisted Sister - Metal Meltdown (BLU-RAY/CD)
Twisted Sister - Rock and Roll Saviors
Twisted Sister - The Best of the Atlantic Years
Uriah Heep - Salisbury
Van Der Graaf Generator - Do Not Disturb
Vicious Rumours - Concussion Protocol
Vicious Rumours - Razorback Killers
Whitesnake - Slide it In
Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty's Service

Europeus, mais uma das nossas tradicionais listas de CDs importados de difícil reposição (europeus e japoneses, quando indicado), que chegaram em 26 de novembro. Em fase de cadastramento. Por favor, por enquanto apenas pelo Obrigado!..

Adramelech - Psychostasia
Addictive - Kick em Hard (2CD)
Air Raid - Point of Impact (Japonês)
Altar \ Cartilage - Split (2CD)
Ambush - Desecrator (Japonês)
Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past
Apocalypse - Apocalypse
Apocalypse - Faithless
Avulsed - Altar of Disembowelment
Avulsed - Ritual Zombie
Avulsed - Stabwound Orgasm
Bio Cancer - Tormenting the Innocent (Japonês)
Black Sabbath - Walpurgis
Blackwych - Out of Control
Bootcamp - Have Mercy  Napalm  Powermad
Chalice - Demo Anthology
Chastain - The Seventh of Never
Chastain - The Voice of the Cult
Chronosphere - Embracing oblivion (Japonês)
Count Raven - Destruction of the Void
Count Raven - Messiah of Confusion
Count Raven - Storm Warning
Craven Idol - Towards Eschaton
Cro Mags - Near Death Experience
Crows - The Dying Race
Crysis - Hard as Rock
Crystal Viper - Possession (Japonês)
Cyclone Temple - My Friend Lonely
DAM - Human Wrekage
Dam - Inside Out
Damnation - Coronation
Damnation - Rebel Soul (Digipak)
Damnation - Reborn
Dead On - Dead On (2CD)
Deathrow - Deception Ignored
Demolition Train - Unleash the Hordes (Japonês)
Depravity - Silence of the Centuries
Detente - Recognize no Authority (2CD)
Diemonds - Never Wanna Die (Japonês)
Dragon - Fallen Angel (Digipak)
Dragon - Scream of Death (Digpak )
Dragonslayer - Dragonslayer
Epidemic - Pandemic
Epitaph - Seeming Salvation
Evil Invaders - Pulses of Pleasure (Japonês)
Exarsis - The Human Project (Japonês)
Fischels Beast - Commencement
FKU - 4/ Rise of the Moshmongers (Japonês)
Forgotten Disciple - Last Train to Heaven
Gothic Knights - Kingdom of the Knights
Grinder - Dawn for the Living
Grinder - Dead End
Hades - If at First you don’t Succeed
Hades - Live on Location
Hibria - The Skull Collectors (Japonês)
Holosade - Hell House
Intruder - A Higher Form of Killing
Intruder - Live to Die - Relived
Jess and the Ancient Ones - ST paper sleeve (Japonês)
Jess and the Ancient Ones - The Aquarius Tapes (Japonês)
Living Death - Protected from Reality
Living Death - World Neurosis
Lords of the Crimson Alliance - LOTCA
Mekong Delta - Early Albums and More I (2CD)
Mekong Delta - Early Albums and More II (2CD)
Mercyful Fate - King Diamond - Happy Halloween Live
Midas Touch - Presage of Disaster (2CD)
Midnight malice - Proving Grounds (Japonês)
Morowe - Pieklo.Labirynty.Diably
Morowe - S
Mortal Sin - Psychology of Death   Mayhemic Destruction (2CD) (Japonês)
Night in Gales - Ashes and Ends
Nuclear - Death - Bride of the Insect
Nuclear Death - Carrion for Worms
Oppression - Scars 1988-1990
Oz - Burning Leather (Japonês)
Paragon - Law of the Blade (Japonês)
Paragon - Revenge (Japonês)
Pestilence - The Disentery Penance
Purtenance -To Spread the Ancient Flame
Rancor - Dark Future
Raped Ape - Land of Broken Promises (2CD)
Redrum - Power Corrupts
Reign of Fury - World Domination
Rocka Rollas - III
Running Wild - Resilient (Japonês)
Sad Iron - Total Damnation (Digipak)
Satan - Atom by Atom (Japonês)
Scanner - Hypertrace
Scanner - Terminal Earth
Sign of the Jackal - Mark of the Beast (Japonês)
Skull Fist - Chasing the Dream (Japonês)
Skull Fist - Head of the Pack (Japonês)
Slammer - Work of Idle Hands
Slander - Careless Talks Costs Lives (2CD)
Solstice - Halcyon
Solstice - Lamentations
Speedtrap - Straight Shooter (Japonês)
Stallion - Rise and Ride (Japonês)
Steeltower - Night of the Dog
Steelwing - Lord of the Wasteland (Japonês)
Steelwing - Zone of Alienation (Japonês)
Stormhunter - Crime and Punishment (Japonês)
Stormwarrior - Heathen Warrior (Japonês)
Stormwarrior - Heavy Metal Fire (Japonês)
Stormwarrior - Thunder and Steele (Japonês)
Stygian Shore - The Shore will Arise
Sun Descends - The Entropy Formula
Toranaga - Gods Gift
Twisted Tower Dire - Crest of the Martyr (Japonês)
Twisted Tower Dire - Netherworlds (Japonês)
Tyranex - Unable to Tame (Japonês)
Ultra-Violence - Deflect the Flow (Japonês)
Uncle Slam - Say Uncle
Unleash the Archers - Time Stands Still (Japonês)
Vader - Black to the Blind (Digipak)
Vader - Live in Decay (Digipak)
Vader - Morbid Reich (Digipak)
Vader - Necrolust (Digipak)
Vader - Sothis (Digipak)
Venom - Deadline Demo 86
Victim - By the Neck
Warlord - We Die As One
Wild Dogs - Reign of Terror
Wolf Spider - Drifting in the Suellen Sea (Digipak)


Americanos e europeus, previstos para 20 de janeiro. Encomendas e reservas, por favor, apenas pelo

Ace Frehley - Origins Vol. 1 (Digipak)
Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Acid bath - When the Kite Strings Pops
Aerosmith - Aerosmith
Aerosmith - Rocks
Airbourne - Breaking Outta Hell
Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
Angra - Temple of Shadows
Animals as Leaders - The Madness of Many
Annihilator - Alice in Hell
Anthrax - Spreading the  Disease
Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation (3CD)
Artillery - Penalty by Perception
Asphyx - Incoming Death
Avatarium - The Girl with the Raven Mask
Ayreon - The Theater Equation (2CD/DVD Digipak)
Baby Metal - Baby Metal
Baby Metal - Live At Wembley Arena
Baby Metal - Metal  Resistance
Bad Company - Bad Company (Deluxe Edition)
Baroness - Blue Record
Baroness - Purple
Baroness - Yellow and Green (2CD)
Behemoth - The Satanist (CD/DVD)
Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Super Deluxe Edition)
Blackfoot - Marauder
Blackfoot - Southern Nature
Blackfoot - Tomcattin
Blood Ceremony - Lords of Misrule
Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine
Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers
Bloody Hammers - Lovely Sort of Death
Bloody Hammers - Under Satans Sun
Bolt Thrower - The Ivth Crusade
Bruce Dickinson - Balls to Picasso (2CD)
Candlemass - Candlemass
Candlemass - Dactylis Glomerata / Abstrakt Algebra II
Canldemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (25th Annv 2CD Edition)
Charred Walls of the Damned - Creatures Watching Over the Dead
Control Denied - The Fragile Art of Existence (2CD)
Coroner - Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014In Pictures (3DVD/CD)
Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies (Digipak)
Darkthrone - Hate Then
Darkthrone - Plaguewilder
De La Tierra - II
Death - Leprosy (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Death - Sound of Perseverance (LP)
Def Leppard - Hysteria
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Deicide - Deicide
Deicide - Insineratehymn
Deicide - Legion
Delain - Moonbathers (Limited CD Digipak Edition)
Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Dismember - Like an Everflowing Stream
Disturbed - Live at Red Rocks
Draconinan - A Rose for the Apocalypse (Digipak)
DRI - But Wait... Theres More
Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley (Legacy Edition)
Emigrate - Silent so Long
Ensiferum - One Man Army (2CD Digibook)
Epica - The Holographic Principle (Limited 2CD Digipak Edition)
Europe - War of Kings (Digibook CD/BLU-RAY Edition)
Extreme - Extreme
Extreme - Metal Meltdown:Pornograffitti Live 25th Anniv (CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Digipak) (BOX)
Extreme - Pornografitti
Eyehategod - Confederacy of Ruined Lives
Eyehategod - Dopesick
Eyehategod - Eyehategod
Eyehategod - Take as Needed for Pain
Eyehategod-  In the Name of Suffering
Faith No More - Angel Dust (Deluxe 2CD Digipak Edition)
Faith No More - The Real Thing (Deluxe 2CD Digipak Edition)
Fates Warning - Theories of Flight (2CD Digipak)
Fear Factory - Genexus
Firehouse - Firehouse
Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side of Heaven & Righteous Side of Hell Part.1
Flotsam and Jestam - Flotsam and Jetsam (Digipak)
Flotsam and Jestsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver (25th Anniv Box Edition)
Gojira - Terra Ingognita
Grand Magus - Grand Magus
Grand Magus - Iron Will
Grave Digger - Healed By Metal
Grave Digger - Knights of the Cross
Gruesome - Dimensions of Horror
Gruesome - Savage Land
Halestorm - Re-animate 3.0: The Covers EP
Hammerfall - Built to Last (CD/DVD)
Hardline - Double Eclipse
Herman Frank - The Devil Rides Out
Hestar - Vampiro
Hirax - Immortal Legacy
In Flames - Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg (BLU-RAY)
Inquisition - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith
Jethro Tull - Stand Up (Deluxe Edition)
Journey - Departure
Journey - Next
Judas Priest - Battle Cry (CD)
Kansas - The Prelude Implicit
Killswitch Engage - Incarnate
King Diamond - Dreams of Horror (Digipak)
King Diamond - Give me Your Soul Please
King Diamond - House of God
King Diamond - The Graveyard
King Diamond - The Puppet Master
King Diamond - Voodoo
Kiss - Alive II
Kiss - Alive
  Kiss - Crazy Nights
Kiss - Hotter than Hell
Kiss - MTV Unplugged
Kiss - Music from the Elder
Kiss - Peter Criss
Kiss - Rock Vegas (BLU-RAY/CD)
Kreator - Endless Pain
Kreator - Terrible Certainty
Kvelertak - Nattesferd
Lamb of God - Killadelphia
Lamb of God - Sacrament
Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions (Deluxe 3CD Edition)
Lordi - Monstereophonic:  Theaterror vc Demonarchy (Digipak)
Lucifer  - Lucifer I
Malevolent Creation - Dead Mans Path (Limited  Digipak Edition)
Malevolent Creation - Joe Black
Manowar - Fighting The World
Manowar - Sign of The Hammer
Megadeth - Cryptic Writings
Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
Megadeth - Rust in Piece
Megadeth - So Far So Good So What
Melvins - A Senile Animal
Melvins - Bullhead
Melvins - Stag
Melvins - The Maggot
Mercyful Fate - 9
Mercyful Fate - Dead Again
Mercyful Fate - Into The Unknown
Metallica - Kill Em All (Paper Sleeve)
Metallica - Live Shit (Box)
Metallica - Metallica (Black Album)
Michael Schenker's Temple ot Rock - On a Mission: Live in Madrid (2CD)
Michael Schenker's Temple ot Rock - On a Mission: Live in Madrid (BLU-RAY)
Motlely Crue - Girls,Girls, Girls
Motorhead - 1916
Motorhead - Cliean Your Clock (CD/BLU-RAY)
My Dying Bride - Meisterwerk III
Neal Morse Band, The - The Similitude of a Dream (Special Edition 2CD/DVD)
Nightwish - Vehicle Of Spirit (2CD/2BLU-RAY)
Obituary - Inked in Blood
Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways to Die
Obscura - Akroasis
Onslaught - Live at Slaughterhouse (CD/DVD Digipak)
Opeth - Blackwater Park (Legacy Digibook Edition)
Opeth - Delierance
Opeth - Heritage
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
Opeth - Watershed (Special CD/DVD Edidion)
Overkill - Fuck You!!! And then Some
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (20th Anniversary)
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise
Paradise Lost - Shades of God
Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons - S/T (Digipak)
Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine
Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted
Porcupine Tree - Stars Die
Powerwolf - Blood of the Saints
Powerwolf - Preachers of the Night
Powerwolf - The Metal Mass: Live (2BLU-RAY/CD)
Protest The Hero - Pacific Myth
Queen - A Night at the Opera
Queensryche - Queensryche
Queensryche - Rage for Order
Queensryche - The Warning
Racer X - Getting Heavier
Rainbow - Difficult to Cure
Rainbow - Down to Earth
Rainbow - Straight Between the Eyes
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Richie Kotzen - The Esential (3CD)
Riot - Fire Down Under
Riot - Restless Breed
Riot - Thundersteel
Rush - Moving Pictures
Rush - R40 (3CD/BLU-RAY Digibook)
Rush - Time Stand Still (BLU-RAY)
Sabaton - Metalizer (Re-Armed Edition) (2CD)
Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black
Savatage - Fight for the Rock (Digipak)
Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power (2CD/DVD Digipak)
Scorpions – Blackout
Scorpions - Lovedrive
Scorpions - Virgin Killer
Scorpions - World Wide Live (50th Anniv CD/DVD Deluxe Ed)
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
Sepultura - Chaos AD
Sepultura - Roorback/Revolusongs (2CD)
Slayer - God Hate Us All
Slayer - Live: Decade of Agression (2CD)
Slayer - Repentless (CD/BLU-RAY)
Slayer - South of Heaven Sodom - Agent Orange
Soilwork - Live in the Heart of  Helsinki (2CD/BLU-RAY)
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (25th 2CD Anniv Edit)
Steel Panther - Feel the Steel
Steel Panther - Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage
Styx - Crystal Ball (Japan Paper Sleeve)
Suicidal Angels - Division of Blood
Suicidal Tendencies - The Art of Rebellion
Superjoint - Caught Up in the Gears of Application (Digipak)
Superjoint Ritual - Use Once and Destroy
Superjoint Rtual - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
Superjoint Rtual - Once Use And Destroy
Swallow the Sun - Songs from the North I,II and III
Symphony X - V
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
Tesla - Mechanical  Resonance Live! (Digipak)
Texas Hippie Coalition - Darker Than The Black
Tool - Undertow
Twisted Sister - Metal Meltdown (BLU-RAY/CD)
Van de  Graaf Generator - Do Not Disturb (Digipak)
Van Halen - 5150
Van Halen - Tokyo Dome (2CD Digipak)
Vicious Rumours - Concussion Protocol
Vintage Caravan - Voyage
Volbeat - Guitars Gangsters and Cadillac Blood
Whitesnake - Come and Get It
Whitesnake - Ready'n'Willing
Whitesnake - Trouble
Who, The - Quadrophenia: Live in London (BLU-RAY)
Winger - In the Heart of the Young
Winger - Winger
Witchery - In His Infernal Majestys Service
Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out
ZZ Top - Eliminator

Americanos e europeus, previstos para final de janeiro. Encomendas e reservas, por favor, apenas pelo

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper - Walking in the Shadows
Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion
Diamond Head – Diamond Head
Suicidal Angels – Division of Blood
Vektor – Terminal Redux
Vektor – Outer Isolation
Hitten – State of Shock
Hibria – Defying the Rules
Ancient Bards – A New Dawn Ending
Ancient Bards – Soulless Child
Derdian – Revolution Era
Lugnet - Lugnet
Deadheads - Loadead
Diemonds – Never Wanna Die
Diemonds – The Bad Pack
Onslaught – Sounds of Violence
Onslaught - VI
Satan –Atom by Atom
Suicidal Angels - Bloodbath
Suicidal Angels – Dead Again
Skullfist – Chasing the Dream
Midnight Malice – Proving Grounds
Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
Talon – Fallen Angels

capa cd
Tipo: CD
Artista: EPICA
Origem: NA

Lançado em 2012, é o sexto álbum do Epica.

Track List:

1. Karma
2. Monopoly on Truth
3. Storm the Sorrow
4. Delirium
5. Internal Warfare
6. Requiem for the Indifferent
7. Anima (Instrumental)
8. Guilty Demeanor
9. Deep Water Horizon
10. Stay the Course
11. Deter the Tyrant
12. Avalanche
13. Serenade of Self-Destruction

Av. São João, 439 - 2º andar - Loja 313 - São Paulo - SP - CEP: 01035-000
De segunda a sexta, das 9:30 as 18:30 | Sábados, das 9:30 as 18h

Fone: (11) 3331-3978

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